The Faraway Children's Charity

Resources Needed

The following list is not exhaustive and we’re happy to discuss any offers of other resources.

We do not have logistics and limited storage but for larger donations if you can deliver to us we may be able to store via our local partners. For smaller donations we may be able to arrange collection.

We ordinarily only accept new resources – this ensures we spend our time and energy distributing and not disposing of unusable resources:



baby; children; youth; and adult

small or medium



baby; children; youth; and adult

small or medium


Clothing Accessories

hats; scarves; gloves;

baseball caps



Shoes & Trainers: all sizes



body wash; shampoo; hair conditioner; tampons; sanitary towels; roll on deodorant; splash on aftershave; body cream; hand cream;

toothbrushes & toothpaste


Hygiene Resources

towels; combs; hair brushes; toiletry bags


Other Resources

ruck sacks; drawstring bags



footballs; football boots; football kits; track suits



quilts; quilt covers; sheets; pillow cases; cushions


Toys & Gifts

teddy bears; dolls; games; books


Non-perishable Food

cans, dry packets etc.

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